workshops & presentations

Connecting the worlds of same and different, DisabilitiesUnderstood seeks to promote understanding, educate the non-disabled, and share resources for the disabled and non-disabled alike. To this end, John is an effective keynote speaker for assemblies, conferences, diversity days, and retreats.

John has presented workshops in many parts of the country, often specifically focusing on disability and diversity. A sample of past workshops includes:

  • Learning Disabilities and Teacher Bias (New York Association of Independent Schools)
  • Using Cross-Cultural Teaching Strategies for Students with Disabilities (New England Teachers Conference)
  • Declarations of Interdependence: Disability as a Case for Doing Diversity Right (Association of Independent Schools of New England; National Association of Independent Schools)
  • Strategic Diversity Planning (Independent School Management; North Carolina Association of Independent Schools)

John has also served as a guest lecturer for graduate students in education courses that cover anti-bias and multiculturalism in the classroom.